Is Cakewalk going to do any Ryzen based optimizations?

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yugiboy (8 db) posted 20 months ago

Is Cakewalk going to look into any Ryzen optimizations? I am going that way with my new DAW workstation and while I know it is a brand new hardware platform it does seem to be aimed at multithreaded use and heavy workload users. which is why I choose it. I am sure it will run fine being in a Windows10  setup. But was wondering what your thoughts on it were.  I am looking forward to using my new PC but it would be nice to know if there are going to be any non-intel support functions or optimizations coming down the line...

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scook (1226 db) posted 20 months ago, edited 20 months ago

I have not seen any answers to date from Cakewalk staff about development plans in the Bakery. That said from a couple of threads in the Computers area of the Cakewalk Forum, Here are a couple of links comparing the lastest AMD chip with some Intel products:

I would be hard pressed to consider using Ryzen until there was some proof it was worth it. Building PCs in the hope that someday software will take advantage of its features does not make sense to me.



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