How It Works

The Bakery is a community for Cakewalk users to ask questions, share ideas and discuss audio recording and production technology.

Ask Questions

When you need help with a Cakewalk product, have a how-to question, or want to learn a production technique, you can get help and find answers here - no discussions here please.

Share Ideas

Have a great idea for a new feature or product? Submit your own or help refine someone else’s -- the bakers will be checking in on the most popular requests.


Whether you're looking for a critique of your latest mix, or just have some thoughts about that sweet new ELO album, this is the place to discuss it with the Cakewalk community.

More signal, less noise

The best questions, answers, ideas and topics get voted up. As you increase your signal you'll be eligible for additional perks and rewards.

Increase your signal

Good ideas, helpful questions, and good answers get voted up. The more upvotes, the more signal.

Your question is voted up 5
Your answer is voted up 10
You accept an answer 2
Your answer is accepted 15
Your idea is voted up 2

Decrease your signal

Unhelpful responses, confusing questions and convoluted ideas get voted down. The more downvotes, the less signal.

Your question is voted down -2
Your answer is voted down -2
Your idea is voted down -2
Your post is flagged as inappropriate -2

Follow the guidelines

If your post gets multiple flags it will be hidden, flagged content degrades your signal.

Your content will be hidden 5

Excessive flags or guideline ignoring may lead to banishment from the Bakery.

Perks & Rewards!

Your signal can earn you lots of cool stuffs, both in the Bakery and out!

15 You can flag inappropriate content
125 You can downvote content
1000 Tag/Re-tag content posted by other members (coming soon!)
1000 Create tags and suggestions for the Cakewalk community team (coming soon!)
More ++ We have even more perks & rewards planned for the future

Guidelines & Etiquette

The following guidelines and etiquette will help you get the most from the community. These are not hard and fast rules, merely aids to the human judgement of the community.

Tag Accurately

Tags help organize content. Some members only follow specific tags or areas that they are familiar with. Using the correct and accurate tags ensures that your topic gets connected with the interested parties.


Posting in all capital letters is the internet equivalent of yelling at somebody. We'd like to think it's reserved for people who are rude or lack etiquette. Don't yell, nobody wants to talk with a screamer.

Remember the human*

There are human beings with real feelings behind the pixels on your screen. When posting, don't say anything you wouldn't say to someone’s face in real life. When in doubt refer to Wheaton's Law.

Civilized Discussion†

Please treat this community with the same respect you would a public space. If you are not sure that your contribution adds value or might detract from its usefulness, think it over and try again later.

Be Agreeable When You Disagree†

It's OK to criticize ideas. It's a violation of Wheaton's Law to criticize people. Avoid name-calling, responding to tone instead of content and knee-jerk contradiction. Provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the dialog.


Your participation counts. If you see a problem flag it. If you find a contribution is helpful vote it up. If you find content that is disagreeable vote it down.


* We totally stole this one from reddiquette

† Inspired by or lifted from The universal rules of civilized discourse

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