For selected midi notes, include the ability to stretch notes AND start times at the same time using the Edit Tool in the same way as Process > Length (Durations and Start Time Selected)

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sinenomine (0 db) suggested 20 months ago

Currently you can extend the length of selected notes in "Piano Roll" with the "Edit Tool" that is identical to using "Process > Length" with "Start Time" De-selected. All start positions of each selected note remain where they are and the length changed.

I would like to have the ability to use the Edit Tool to also include the equivalent of having the "Start Time" selected so that after selecting notes, perhaps by using the control key and Edit tool together to latch on to the end of the last selected note and drag the length (to the right) and recalculate the start times/length for all selected notes, in the same way as using "Process > Length" with "Start Time" Selected. The first note start time would stay in the original place and all notes length and start time recalculated according to their position and length.


If the "Edit Tool" latches on to the beginning of the first note in the selection and dragged to the left with the control key held down, The end of the last selected note would stay in position, and the length and start times of all selected notes recalculated according to position and length.

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