Can't change clip db scale unless track edit filter is set to clips

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bitman (16 db) suggested 19 months ago

I see no logical reason to prohibit changing of the db scale to the left of the clips in track view unless the tracks edit filter is set to clips. If God forbid, a track is left with it's edit filter set to some automation envelope you can't change the db scaling to grow / shrink clip display until you pay the toll and go change the edit filter to clips.

If I am overlooking something please enlighten, otherwise change it please.


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RSMCGUITAR (24 db) suggested 18 months ago

The scale is relative to what is being shown. When clips are shown, it's the db scale.

If, for example, you have a volume envelope this is also measured in db but if you were to change the scaling then the notes would have to move relative to the scale and could result in nodes ending up outside the boundary of the clip. This would be extremely confusing behaviour.

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