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sasha_nyemtsov (4 db) suggested 17 months ago

I'd really appreciate it if someone would change the videos on the Command Center Update Manager. They've been the same for months (?years). I actually do wait whilst new or updated software is downloaded and installed; it would be pleasant to have a change of scenery...

Plus your tag search 'feature' is unhelpful. It didn't recognise the following:


Command Center

Update Manager


I had to settle for 'UI' and 'Installation' which only vaguely approximate the subject of my suggestion. I'm afraid I didn't have time to play guessing games with your database!

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littleal39 (0 db) suggested 15 months ago

That's true - it would be really nice if the first command centre video could be to the latest updates which are being downloaded!

(I presume that's what you meant, rather than just a random choice of "new" video ;-))

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