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Sonar's Arpeggiator is old and not competitive with the solutions offered in other DAWS.

The addition of the following capabilities would be great. 


Add the following possibilities to the unique transpose option of Sonar's arpeggiator, unfortunately called 'Pitch Offset'

- Transpose type: Shift, Major, Minor

- Transpose key: C, C#, D, ...

- Distance/Offset: in sales interval for Major/Minor transposition, in semitones for shift transposition.

- Transpose steps: number of times the pattern is transposed



Choose whether to sync the Arpegiattor's rate to the song tempo, or calibrate it in milliseconds.



Off: never retriggered

Beat: every set number of notes or bars

Note: retriggered when a new note is played

Repeats: The pattern with be repeated n times or infinitely



On / Off

Decay: how much time it takes the Arpeggiator to the Target velocity

Target: final velocity of a pattern, which is reached after the decay times has expired.


NB. If this reminds you of Ableton Live / MIDI effects / Arpeggiator, this isn't a coincidence. We deserve at least as good in Sonar Platinum.






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