Please, option to not open region fx in the multidock by default.

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bitman (16 db) suggested 9 months ago

I have one screen, And while it's a 28" screen, when I create a melodyne, vvocal or drum replacer region effect it always opens up in a multidock window in the upper 1/4 of the screen. With usually nothing in that little bitty multidock viewport. - What, do you just hate us out here? Gosh we need an option to open region fx undocked and nice and big (the last size used) like a GOOD OLD MDI WINDOW which has sadly fallen out of fashion.

I have to click undock, then resize it then to work, this gymnastics over and over tuning vocals for example gets real old.

RANT: Oh and heaven forbid if we should accidentally drag that undocked window up near the mean old multidoc or shwooop! back in the multidock sucker!  - A UI should not be like a video game.

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