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BloodyLove (0 db) asked 20 months ago, edited 20 months ago

Hey, i am wondering how to set up a ternary beat for metronome and also in the step sequencer.

my beat would be 130 bpm with 3 hits per major punch. As a workaround i am using 6/8 with a fake BPM of 195 (130/2*3). In the step-sequencer i am using 8 Beats / 8 Steps / 6 quarters

Short example of the kind of beat i am talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPVgVYpbgO8

Seems to work sonar internally so far but it is just a workaround... so all my external synced analog gear is pushing the hell out of the ARPs because of the 195 fake bpm.

Is there a solution in place or maybe planned?




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mage_et_lent (67 db) answered 20 months ago


Not sure to understand your problem well, as I never use the step sequencer.

But have you tried to go to the Metronome settings in the preferences and to set the Beat Subdivision as 1/3 ?

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ralf (39 db) answered 20 months ago

I guess the simplest way to achieve this is to not use the build-in metronome, but create a simple midi track as your own metronome. Use some low-resource midi instrument like TTS-1 (or something that doesn't crash from time to time), create one bar with your ticks, turn the clip into a groove loop, and then drag the right edge to enlarge it as far as you need it.

In step sequencer, you can set the number of steps per beat in the steps field in the left top corner.

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