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Rodney Monk (0 db) asked 20 months ago

Wanting to move a midi project to a floppy so I can load into my keyboard work station to perform with it live. Cant find the project midi fill location so I can copy and paste to my floppy drive.  Plus any settings I should do to put all songs ( projects ) midi and audio into individual folders. I think some how this got changed.

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wookiee (1039 db) answered 20 months ago

Unless you have changed it the default location of your music will be C:\Cakewalk Projects.

Depending on how you create your projects they will either be in folders of a similar name or listed as <Project Name>.cwp This is the default Cakewalk Project file format.

If you want the MIDI content as a MIDI file you need to save as a MIDI File in one of the four possible formats.

MIDI Format 0

MIDI Format 1

RIFF MIDI Format 0

RIFF MIDI Format 1

See page 398 of the Reference manual located in the Platinum Directory of Program Files.

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