Play List problem-timeline stops moving

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rkwasniak (0 db) asked 20 months ago

When using Play List in Platnium, song 1 plays normally, when song 1 ends it closes and song 2 begins to play. As soon as song 3 pre loads the timeline in track view of song 2 stops moving. The minimized window of song 3 is highlighted instead of song 2. If I click on song 2's window as it is playing, the timeline starts moving. This keeps happening with each song in the list until the last song plays. The last song plays normally because no song is pre loading to play next. This did not happen in Sonar X2 or any previous versions of Sonar. My Komplete Kontrol Keyboard also displays the instrument assigned to the song that is pre loaded waiting to play,  instead of the song currently playing. I use Play List when playing live. Anyone else having this issue? 

Sonar Platinum 23.2.0

Windows 10

Asus M5A97   AMD Quad 4.2   8 gigs ram

Scarlett 6i6

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