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Jayharmon4 (0 db) asked 20 months ago

On Sonar Artist ,how do you access the built in EQ in the way you did in Sonar 8

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wookiee (1039 db) answered 20 months ago

You need to show the FX Bin to add any of the supplied EQ's
If you look to the top of the track view over the detail pane you will see a box, it probably say I/O, use the drop down arrow and change it to All and the FX bin will become visible.

See page 2341 at the bottom, it has the word Mix in the box on the page.

Or in the Console view it should be there anyway there is also the Arrow that reveals the channel built in EQ.

See page 1313 of the SONAR Reference Guide for the per track EQ.

The Reference guide is located in the install directory of SONAR Artist.

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