How write music (in Staff View) that has the right hand playing both treble clef and bass bass clef keys

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Using: Sonar Platinum


I'm trying to write music notes that are played with the right hand that include both treble & bass clef notes (example: The chord is D#, C in the treble clef and G#, F# in the bass clef – all notes played with the right hand in measure 1 beat 1). When I enter the G# and the F# notes they appear in the bass clef but are tied to other notes in the bass clef (via the vertical line that is attached to all the other notes in the bass clef at measure 1 beat 1) that are played with the left.

Is there a way to tie the bass clef notes, that are played with the right hand (the F# & G#), to the treble clef notes (C & D#) that are also played with the right hand? The way it is now, the students can't tell which notes are played with the right hand and/or the left.

It would be nice if Sonar could use the vertical bars in the treble and bass clef to indicate the notes played with the left hand & right hand.  For example, if the chord played with the right hand had notes in the treble & bass clef, each note would be attached to vertical line in the treble clef.




Thanks in advance for your help.




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Unfortunately I would think it is fair to say that the Staff view is not really up to creating proper musical scores.

I find it a very useful composition tool but it desperately needs some love.

You can export in the musical XML format for importing into one of the more recognisable scoring software's.

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