Impossible to insert virtual soft synth

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olivier delmar (0 db) asked 16 months ago

When I try to insert Pentagon 1, or PSYN II or Roland Groove synth in Sonar Platinium, a Message error displays it is not possible to insert the virtual synth, may be installed incorrectly.


I'm running Sonar Platinium on Windows 10 64 bits.


Any idea ?

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scook (1226 db) answered 16 months ago

I would expect this error when trying to run Pentagon. This plug-in is no longer bundled with SONAR. Pentagon requires SONAR to run as administrator or a change to its registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\rgc:audio software\DXi\Pentagon I granting all users full control

There is  similar key in the 32bit section of the registry.


PSYN II and Roland GrooveSynth are bundled with Platinum. They require no special action to run. If I received errors on these plug-ins I would reinstall the Platinum Instrument Collection (contains PSYN II) and the Artist Instrument Collection (contains Roland GrooveSynth).

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