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Slinger333 (0 db) asked 15 months ago

that about says it all. How do I insert a 4 count intro.?

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wookiee (1039 db) answered 15 months ago, edited 15 months ago

The only way I know is to add a blank bar at the start of your song and assuming it is at 4/4 

1. Place the cursor at 1:01:000
2. From the Project Menu select Insert Time/Measures
3. In the At Time ensure it reads 1:01:000
4. In the insert box place the number of bars, in your case 1
5. Click on the Measures Radio Button to insert one whole bar
6. Under the Slide heading, tick all the boxes Events, Markers,Meter/key changes and Tempo changes.
7. Click OK.

Your project should now slide 1 bar to the right and again assuming you start at the first beat of the bar, start on Bar 2:01:000

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