Vibrato with no Aftertouch

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devjd1 (0 db) asked 15 months ago

My keyboard does not have Aftertouch.  However, I need to add vibrato sometimes.  Is there a way to add vibrato after recording from a soft synth?

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devjd1 (0 db) answered 15 months ago

Hi wookiee,

It is unclear what Midi CC to use.  I don't see a specific CC for vibrato.  So do I use one of the undefined CCs?  A Midi CC list online stated that CCs 12 and 13 are "Usually used to control a parameter of an effect within the synth/workstation".  How do I assign vibrato from the soft synths that come with Sonar?  I have Rapture and Dimension Pro installed, along with a lot of other VST2, VST3 and DirectX synths.  I also have an old Roland Sound Canvas SC-88 Pro and Roland M-GS64 (rack version of SC-88).


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wookiee (1039 db) answered 15 months ago

You could use an envelope.  If the synth in question adds vibrato with after touch, you would need to enable the right type of Aftertouch in preferences, ie. either channel or key.

Then in the MIDI CC drop down select appropriate one and draw in the places you want vibrato.

I would also note that some synths add vibrato via their Mod wheel which would allow you to record the vibrato in a second take. 

To hear you may need to change the record mode to Sound on Sound so you can hear the music.

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