QuadCurve Presets installation

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rmcdaniel61 (0 db) asked 13 months ago

I've downloaded and installed the Quadcurve presets through the Command Center but I can't find where to access them.  Is there supposed to be a dropdown menu somewhere on the quadcurve module?

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wookiee (1039 db) answered 13 months ago

No there is no such facility.  They are in effect Pro Channel Presets and are stored in the default location for all Pro Channel Presets.  Which in my case is in the Cakewalk Content directory.

You will find that when loaded they only load the Quad curve EQ and no other Pro Channel Modules.

What I have been doing is when I have found one that is useful I have added my normal additional modules. i.e.
Console Channel Module and a Compressor then save the preset under an appropriately modified name.

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rmcdaniel61 (0 db) answered 13 months ago

Thanks. Found them

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